Lets TAP Into your energy!

LIVE, Online, In Person or On Demand

The Passion Project 

Discover greater joy in every aspect of your life by learning how to tap into and pursue your passion - without quitting your 9-5


Carlos taps into your audience 

 Carlos Navarro creates an emotionally and visually stunning experience for your audience that is never the same thing twice.

Carlos can be hilariously funny in one moment and deeply personal and highly actionable.

His goal is simple: To energize the audience to a new level with actionable tools and confidence.

Turning Skeptics Into Believers 
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Starts With A Tap!

S.W.A.T is a show that’s goal is to shoot you into a great mood for the rest of the day! Energy is everything. Mid day your energy is zapped. I show you the step by step method on what I’ve always done to tap into my energy when needed. Anyone can do it.

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